Return a loan Jerusastso: how do I do it?

Below we will show you all the ways you have to return a Jerusastso loan. When requesting your loan with Jerusastso, you provided us with the information of a card to be able to charge your credit installments. So if the situation has not changed, do not worry. On the indicated day, we will automatically load the amount of the corresponding fee for that month on that card and you can forget about any management. 

Automatic payment with card

Automatic payment with card

Customer Area of ​​the web . If you would like, for example, to pay your fee before the set day, you can access your customer area and pay the fee directly in an easy and convenient way: just press a button.

Bank transfer or deposit account

money loan

If for some reason the automatic payment with the card has failed, or you simply want to make the payment of the fee ahead of time, you can make a bank transfer from your bank or a cash deposit in any of the accounts that we indicate below. If you want to see your money grow, you know that saving is not enough, you should invest bank deposits are a great option to invest your savings without risk . No startups or start-up companies. We will look for boring companies but that assure us that they will end the year with a good income statement. Depending on the investment term we want, in Spain the main public debt securities are bonds, treasury bills and treasury bonds. Its main advantage is that you will know in advance the profitability that you will obtain (which we already warn you that it will be very, very small). And if you have reached this article you are surely interested in taking your first steps as an investor, but you are afraid of losing your money and do not know where to invest. 



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