Unfavorable financial situation negatively affects the relationship

“When I was 16, my girlfriend got pregnant. I wanted to act like the right guy, so I let myself get older and married my girlfriend, even though it didn’t work out right now, ”describes Luke 7 years ago. At that time, he had no idea that his then friend had deliberately stopped taking contraception to keep the child’s disintegrating relationship.

The marriage with reservations worked for two years, but then Luke filed for divorce . “It has been a long time since I was holding on to my son. But then it became unbearable with my wife, ”Luke says, adding:“ Although my wife threatened everything, but I stopped taking her seriously for some time. ”

But that is what revenge Luke. As it turned out, his wife was capable of everything . “I don’t know what she thought of everything, but I can’t see my son, even though I pay maintenance ,” says Luke sadly.

My wife has made debts, Luke has to pay them back


The son of Luke misses most of all, but his wife’s revenge was much more thorough. “She took care of accounting and today I know it was a mistake. She did not pay health insurance and I have a huge debt plus a penalty , ”says Luke. In addition, the wife took several loans just before the divorce, the repayment of which is now on Luke.

“I myself have a loan for the furnishings you took before the wedding. She lives in the apartment today and I have debts of 300 thousand crowns . She just took me completely off, ”Luke concludes.

A new girlfriend would like to help


Because of his bad experience Luke avoided women for a long time, but a year ago he met Jessica. “She is totally different from an ex-wife, she really wants to help me, but this is my problem, I can’t borrow money from her,” Luke explains his position.

The problem is that Luke’s unfavorable financial situation negatively affects the relationship. “I often get nervous and jerk at Eliska. I’m sorry because she doesn’t deserve it. Plus, I can’t even take her anywhere for dinner or buy her a nice present. And that makes me nervous again, ” Luke describes the vicious circle .

Because of her debts, she cannot marry Jessica and does not want to move in, even if she would save a few thousand a month. “I don’t want to jeopardize it if the distraint comes,” Luke explains, adding that this risk really threatens: “I have the last year to pay at least part of my debt with the insurance company. If I don’t, the penalty will be too high and I will never have the chance to pay the debts at all. ”

Take another loan to pay off

Take another loan to pay off

Luke is working, saving, and on weekends goes to the brigade, but it comes slowly pay down debt. “I’ve always been honest and I know it would be foolish to take another loan to pay off. Personal bankruptcy is also out of the question, I got into trouble myself, so I want to get out of it too. ”

“I don’t want to borrow from Jessica either, but if I can’t, I will have to. But I’ll make a contract with her . I want her to know that I will not cheat on her and have black on white when I give her back, ”Luke describes his plans for the future .

With Luke, who took the first loan with us, we are now discussing a repayment schedule that could make his situation easier. Being timely and actively solving their problems , we will definitely come up with something.

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